Why should I contribute?

Because your money can help fund development projects, beautification, and special events.

Check out CYCA’s affiliated websites on our “neighbors” tab to discover past projects & development.  

How much does it cost to create a stronger community?


Household Membership $20.00
Trestle Tender $50.00

What are some personal benefits:

As a member, you have the option of being added to our email network that allows you to get reminders of meetings, volunteer opportunities, social functions, safety alerts and more

Make a difference through a stronger community.

Are there any tangible benefits?

If you donate purchase a membership, you receive exclusive perks & discounts for being a member!


How to donate:

You can participate in CY events – fundraisers, 5ks, CY Festival, or “Art for Art’s Sake” auction.

To provide a general donation, click here

To purchase a membership, click here

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