This is the story of how a man named Dan came up with a bright idea to improve our community.

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Trestle Art Getting Some TLC
By Emily Bishop
Article reposted from the Lamplighter

When I moved to Cooper-Young back in
1988, the abandoned train trestle over
Cooper Street was an unwelcome symbol of
the struggles this neighborhood had endured
during the 60s and 70s when families fled
the city for the new suburbs.

Visitors heading south on Cooper from Union Avenue could see little reason to venture past Central under the rusty, graffiti-covered entry gate. In 1995, the CYCA held a series of
meetings with neighborhood stakeholders to
identify needs in the community as part of the
Eagle Project. Out of this, the abandoned train
trestle over Cooper was identified as an
eyesore at the gateway of the neighborhood
and in 1997 the CYCA applied for a grant
from the Community Foundation to turn it
into a beautiful gateway. The CYCA raised the
required matching funds and the Urban Art
Commission conducted a national call to
artists for the project. Jill Turman, a local
metal smith, won the job with her idea to
create metal replicas of twelve buildings in
the neighborhood. The sculptures would
feature backlit windows to symbolize the life
inside the community.

The Trestle Art was dedicated in October of
2000 and quickly became the icon of
Cooper-Young. This public art, owned by the
CYCA, comes with the responsibility to
maintain it and keep it beautiful. Insurance
costs tripled after September 11th and
vandalism has added to the annual maintenance costs. The Trestle Art is scheduled to get special attention this spring including repainting from top to bottom and new
windows. The painting and repairs will cost
around $20,000. The Art for Art’s Sake
Auction is a fundraiser for the CYCA, who
pays the bills for the public art. Help us raise
the money we need to keep this artwork
beautiful and welcoming by attending this
year’s Art for Art’s Sake Auction on Saturday,
April 11th at the Young Avenue Deli.

The Trestle Art is an important symbol for the community that can continue to be a beacon of hope and progress as we strive for a more sustainable solution to its operation.

Coming soon: an exclusive look into the inner workings an emerging project.


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There is such a pervasive self-defeatist attitude in this city that isn’t going to get us anywhere. We make our world, and there are a lot of people trying to make it a better place. 

Show people, help people, be people. At its core – a community is about people. A space can always be, but people make a place and give it meaning. And together, we can create a change. We can support each other to make a difference together.

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The Smallest User was a competition between the Cooper-Young and Evergreen neighborhoods in Memphis to see which community could reduce its energy use most in 2010.

They monitored the energy use of residents in each neighborhood in the hopes of reducing our city’s carbon footprint, helping residents save a few dollars, and showing people how gratifying it can be to go green! The Cooper-Young neighborhood who was awarded the title of The Smallest User in 2011.

Check out their website to see more details of the competition, blog posts with testimonials and tips.

It doesn’t all have to be large scale! Even if you can’t afford to install solar panels in your home, you can conserve energy & save money. We can continue to take steps towards more sustainable efforts through wise consumption.

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